Friday, November 18, 2011

I worship Muscle God Anthony

I met Muscle God Anthony while at the New Jersey shore. Typical place where Philadelphia, New Jersey and NYC Guido Muscle gods go to hang out. Kinda like the Venice Beach of the East Coast but all gorgeous Italian muscle men. I have always said Italians , Germans and Lebanese make for the hunkiest, most juiciest, muscliest men. I don't know why Mother Nature made it this way and I don't care, I am just glad Girlfriend made them !

Anthony is not your typical northeast corridor Italian Muscle Guido or God. He is EXTREMELY sweet,   educated and intelligent yet still down to earth and blue collar rugged. I told him straight up in his face when I saw him at the Jersey beach point that he was FLAWLESS. I had just struck up a conversation with him about his bodybuilding routine and I found him to be extremely friendly and very interested in talking about his routine and diet.

I asked him if he was a model and he told me not for print. I asked him what that meant and he said that he "private modeled". Bingo, I got the hint. I decided to be somewhat cautious so I said to him laughingly, "Do you know what Muscle Worship is?". And he answered in typical northeast corridor fashion point blank, "Yeah, I do that all the time. I have a bunch of worshippers that pay me for company and to muscle worship me.".

I thought to myself, goodness gracious, this is my luck day ! I asked him if it was for guys or girls to see what he would say, all the while keeping a straight plain face. He said that women aren't really into hiring guys for that. He said his clients were all male. BINGO again. I asked him if I could hire him to come to my room that night and he said outright , "Tell me the time and place". I told him 11 pm and he said he would be there.

That night I went out to dinner with friends. I had the best  italian seafood pasta alla putanesca (mamma mia ma che deliziosa che era questa pasta celeste e che putana che fui io quella nottina!) I ever had in my life. I looked at the ocean and the moon glistening on it and I could not wait for the after meal delight that  awaited me at 11pm at the shore point hotel.

Everytime I savored the pasta and how delish it was I thought of Anthony walking around in his sking tight swimming trunks and how hot his huge muscle buns bouncing were as he frolicked  around the beach  and I would melt. While I am not a 'total top' per se, I do love muscle ass like there's no tomorrow and, no, I am not ashamed to say it.

When I got back to my room I tidied up a little bit and sent Anthony a text as we had traded numbers. He said we were still on and asked me for hotel name and room  number again because he had mistakingly deleted the text note he wrote to himself. With heart thudding , I gave him the info. I couldn't believe it. Just like that it all came together so effortlessly. I know I have always had a knack of speaking to Muscle Gods impromptu at the gym, bars, etc., but this time fate definitely sped things up for me. I mean it never worked liked this easily before. This was simply too magical. There was a twist of fate in the whole thing for it to work that fast and easy.

Sometimes I think it's the Italian "putanella alla strega" in me. It's kind of like the Law of Attraction. That which your soul desires truly the most is what you attract to you and I guess I must really love muscle cause this "putanella alla strega sure as hell has attracted a lot of muscle in his life thanks goodness.

Anthony is a god plain and simple. There is simply no two ways about it.  While he may not be internatioanl GQ Model gorgeous he sure as hell is beautiful none the less. Plus there is something in his eyes, a certain boy meets man sexiness and playfulness, a certain warmth that makes him even better looking than he already is. How many times I have met a beautiful face and then heard what comes out of it and all of sudden that face doesn't look half as beautiful as it did a minute earlier. Well Anthony is already good looking and only gets better looking after talking to him. He has a way with words too. He has a silver tongue, golden heart and platnium-god body.

 Everything about him is BIG from head to toe. It is also FLAWLESS. Square jaw, small waste, full lips, perfect white teeth, Mt Olympus Muscle.... a  sweet yet manly personality all stacked up on MUSCLES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. He makes me sigh, wanna cry and then scream. He reminds me of Sylvestre of Canada who used to dance at Key West in Philly in the 90s or Franco of Canada who used to dance at the Gaiety in nyc at the same time. Many times while talking to me I would find myself drifting off somewhere to a place that I liked alot and wish I could put in a bottle or pill and take three times a day as the doctor ordered.

Anthony is 5'11 260lbs with a huge V muscle back. He is sweet and masculine but definitely obssessed with flexing and posing while looking at the expression of amazement in his worshippers eyes. He loves to show off and he doesn't with the cutest sweetest country boy smile. He asked me if I would stare at him at the gym while he worked out and I said I would. He asked me if I thought he was hot and I said I thought he was "hottest" (lol). He asked me if I was his slave and I said "Hell yeah honey and then some master". I asked him to spank me and he did it so naturally that a transport of extasy came over me. I can't tell you how much I fell in love with this man (all the while knowing he could never be mine forever but at least for now I felt like his boyfriend as it was very much a "boyfriend experience"). E mamma mia, ma che boyfriendeh fu quest'Antonio. ha nevereh gonna forgetteh abouta disseh one!

He did everything that I asked for from feats of strength, to letting me feels his guns, squeezing my head between his thighs and letting me give him a nice full body rubdown. While interactive and talkative he doesn't talk to much. He listens. I ran my hands very sensually all over his body while he flexed his routine. He loved the expressions of adoration and awe that I couldn't stop from appearing on my face. I thought it was a mini version of the Beatific Vision that the nuns used to always talk about in school. He made a believer out of me and his Temple of Worship this Muscle Devotee did worship with all my mind heart and soul and body. I will take this over bathing in the river Ganges any day. I like this Religion a whole lot. I was baptised with muscle male beauty. Ha-lay-lewd-ja!

Now, I ain't no shortie and pretty well built myself but Anthony grabbed me like a was a twig and he benchpressed me like I was made out of paper and lifted me over his head like I was his little baby! At one point while lying on top of him my heart was thudding so fast , he told me he could feel my heart beating on his huge muscle ass! I laughed. Then I told him I wanted him to lay on top of me so I could feel all his weight on me. Well, let's just say I could have stay there for a lifetime and for a minute it did feel like a life time. To be covered from head to toe in bed but this Italian gladiator muscle god man in his mid 20s is something that goes way beyond the power of words. I need to stop typing now and just revel in the memory and the power of that moment in space and time.

That night at the Jersey Shore will remain with me for a long time and soon I am going to reexperience it in short order.

I rate Anthony as one of those very rare bodybuilders that are straight but extremely gay friendly, like Sylvain and Franco, and who are simply born to be Muscle Gods providing the absolute best top of the line Muscle Worship to Muscle Worshippers. The ones were you really feel like you were with them and had a "date". They don't seem far away, or averse to being there just waiting for the clock to tick and strike ten so they can just get out of dodge. Anthony is very much "present" and having a good time.

I have remained in touch with Anthony coming down to Philly  this coming Monday , November 28th and 29th, 2011.  If you want to get in touch with him send me an email at  . He said if enough of a response is had and enough muscle worshippers are available in Philly he will bless this muscledry-and-parched city by visiting it frequently. Ma che fortuna che c'abbiamo mo!

And since we live in a silly childish litigious society I am clearly stating that if you email me for Anthony's contact info you automatically are stating that you are not holding me or my blog responsible for anything related with your getting in touch with or seeing or hiring Anthony for any reason whatsoever. You are a big boy or girl and take full responsability for your actions. I mean , Gosh folks, I am just trying to blog here about my Muscle Worship experiences and I know what it is like to want to meet a Muscle God and not be able to get in touch because some worshipper doesn't want to reveal the info.

That being said...  This one is a KEEPER ! If I were a millionaire I would just hire him for the next year to live  with me!


  1. Sadly I'm not in Philadelphia, or even the USA, but this single story got me excited that I might have to move!!!

    What a great start to your blog.... please don't keep us waiting too long until the next one!

  2. Great blog my friend....and your writing is superb! Just out of curiousity, whats the best way to find a body builder for worship sessions? You seem to have it pretty easy! :)

  3. Ciao
    Great story about Anthony!
    Sono un Italian-Americano a Washington DC.
    I'd love to hook up with Anthony!
    I'm an adult and do not hold you responsible for whatever happens!